Newington Concrete, Manassas, VA
350 ton 6-compartment agg bin
2500 barrel 4-compartment silo
Wet/Dry central mix with a 12 yard Inventure reversing mixer
C&W CP1500 central dust collector
Pearson 1500 gallon hot water tank with PH900 chiller
36" conveyor with 3 inground dump hoppers

Rockville Fuel & Feed, Elkridge, MD
15 ton dump hopper
30" incline conveyor feeds a rotary turnhead in a 5 compartment, agg bin
2 compartment cement silo with 1050 BBL capacity
12 yard aggregate and cement scales with a 30" batch transfer conveyor
Silo vents directly into a C&W RA140 central dust collector with an automatic recycle system
Command Alkon Eagle Series Batch Computer
Pearson 15,000 gallon hot water tank

American Redi-Mix, South Plainfield, NJ
Stephens convertible stackup plant engineered and designed by CPI
Capacities of 2500 BBL of cement and 350 tons of aggregate
Individual holding hoppers for each material control the discharge of materials into each truck while at the same time weighing each batch
Allows conversion to central mix using an Inventure reversing drum

Weldon Concrete, Watchung, NJ
Faced with a limited capacity and storage bins, CPI engineered this system.
Direct feed of more than 600 tons of agg storage
Fine and coarse aggregate is weighed simultaneously and delivered to a 12 yard tilt mixer on a high-speed 48" batch transfer conveyor.
High pressure hot air heats the aggregate in 6 overhead bins, all protected by a CPI-installed insulated enclosure

Virginia Concrete, Shirlington, VA
A massive concrete bunker stores up to 26 individual materials, over two 36" reclaiming conveyors with reversing capabilities. They feed either the central mix or the new high-speed batch plant.  CPI engineered and installed oversize casons as a foundation for a new 3000 barrel 4 compartment cement silo.

New Enterprise, Somerset, PA
Four plants purchased from CPI over the years include 12 yard aggregate and cement batchers, 350 ton 6 compartment aggregate bin, 1000 BBL batching silo and 450 BBL auxiliary silo, 12 inch screw, C&W RA170 central dust collector, Pearson hot water tank and Command Alkon Batching Computer.