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Founded in 1974 by Dave Knox, Sr., CPI began with one product line, one salesman and one big territory. Dave’s son joined the company in 1981 and is now the president since buying the company upon his father’s retirement in 1992.

CPI has built their product line by building trusted relationships with the some of the best concrete product manufacturers in the country. With over 40 years of contacts in the concrete equipment industry, manufacturers have sought out CPI to represent their product lines. Concrete Plants, Inc. has represented Stephens Mfg. for over 40 years and has been with C&W Manufacturing for over 20 years.

Concrete Plants Inc. offers a comprehensive line of concrete plants, dust control equipment, used concrete equipment, batch plant replacement parts, agg heating systems, batching computers, water heating and chilling systems, and more, as well as expert turnkey services including complete engineering and site layout.

At CPI, we are constantly looking for new and innovative products and services to provide to our customers. If you are a concrete or aggregate producer, precast or block manufacturer, you have come to the right place.

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Area Representatives

Dave Knox, President: 717-569-6474 | Dave@concreteplants.com

Emil Garlewicz, Vice-President: 201-415-3919 | Emil@concreteplants.com
New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachussets, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire

Tim Knox, Vice-President: 336-706-9387 | Tim@concreteplants.com
North & South Carolina, Southern Virginia

Denny Holmes: 410-507-2649 | Denny@concreteplants.com
Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware

Joe DeFrank: 717-917-0975 | Joe@concreteplants.com
Pennsylvania, Virginia

Matt Garlewicz: 973-219-8605 | Matt@concreteplants.com
New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts

Chris Tarr: 617-980-5780 | ChrisTarr@concreteplants.com
New England

Mike Knox: 717-351-1100 (Parts Office) | Mike@concreteplants.com
Parts Sales - All Territories

Bill Embody: 717-351-1100 (Parts Office) | Bill@concreteplants.com
Parts Sales - All Territories

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