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Florida Schools to be Protected by Concrete

Florida Schools to be Protected by Concrete

Florida schools to be protected by concreteI recently came across an interesting read regarding Florida schools and concrete.  Apparently, earlier this year, the Florida building Commission was fighting to change the Florida Building Code to allow certain wood-framed construction techniques to be permitted in the construction of Florida school board and college buildings.  The current policy, section 453.8.3, specifies that wood framing-based construction is strictly prohibited.  In fact, after Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992, the state adopted strong building codes.  So what gives?  Clearly not much since the proposed modification was defeated by those groups committed to durable construction for Florida’s future.

“The Florida Building Commission wisely decided against allowing the use of vulnerable construction methods for the buildings that provide for the Sunshine State’s future generations to learn and grow,” said Kevin Lawlor, a spokesperson for Build With Strength. “Resilient construction is absolutely necessary for a region often under siege from the worst Mother Nature can deliver.”

Well said Kevin!

What do you think about this proposal?  Are you glad it was turned down?

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