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Prevent Wear and Downtime with Deflection Elbows

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Prevent Wear and Downtime with Deflection Elbows

Want to increase plant longevity and decrease maintenance downtime?  Then it is time to move on from sweep elbows and install deflection elbows.

If you are in the business then you have experienced abrasive materials wearing through the elbows of your pneumatic conveying systems.  In fact, some business owners, like Tom Tower owner of Action Supply, have actually welded patches on worn-through sweep elbows and on new replacement elbows before swapping out the worn and leaking ones.  Seems like a lot of work doesn’t it?

Tom has since replaced his sweep elbows with deflection elbows.  This change out has saved him two weeks of downtime since the conversion!

According to Emil Garlewicz, vice president and sales representative for CPI’s New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware territories, “The improvements virtually eliminate worn elbows, related downtime and recurring elbow maintenance costs for CPI’s customers.”

Unlike conventional sweep elbows and plugged-tee elbows, HammerTek’s Smart Elbow design features a chamber that protrudes partially beyond the intended 90- or 45-degree flow path of material, causing a sphere of material-in-air to rotate in the same direction as the air stream that powers it, gently deflecting incoming material around the bend. “The difference is in the elbow’s anatomy,” Garlewicz explains. “Incoming material bounces off the rotating material rather than impacting the elbow wall and creating a wear point.”

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